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Dragoncon is in like two months.

I say that with a sort of "OOHHH NOOOOOOOOOO" because that is what that sentence basically translates into. Literally. As in, the immovable definition that would be in the dictionary if Merriam Webster ever decided to spand outward from single words. "Dragoncon is in like two months OOOOH NOOOOOOOO" and also sometimes with a "we are so fucked!!!" tacked onto the end because this is ALWAYS TRUE and will always be true until the end of time. Dragoncon is in like two months OH NO we are so fucked.

Why? Why are you even asking me that, it is the same reason as always: I have like 230492384 fucking costume pieces to make. Friiiigggg.

Shockingly, amazingly, the most difficult of these - the wool White Witch outfit from the first Narnia movie - is almost done because I had a FLASH OF BRILLIANCE back in the fall and actually started working on the thing. This is me, being amazingly shocked at myself. This is the progress so far, except I still have the wig and wand and finishing the dress to do obviously, in addition to the entire Artemis outfit I am yet to start on and then Dan's and maybe Matt's. Frigggg. For some reason when Anime Boston came along, in March I said "You know, I can take a break. I deserve it! I'm gonna spend, like, all of my time doing South Park RP this'll be awesome. There can't possibly be any problem with this." Frigggg. Again.

(Also as an aside, if anyone needs room, I am 99% sure we have space. Just let me know soon.)
Doctor Who - Exterminate!


Dudes and dudettes, my wacom tablet is SLOWLY KILLING ME DEAD.

Apparently the UD model first released under Windows 98 is considered so obsolete that Wacom had decided to stop making drivers for it. This wouldn't be a problem, except that it flips the eff out on Windows 7/Vista and doesn't recognize the tablet AT ALL. Wacom's responses to people flipping their shit over this is more or less along the lines of "there are comparability issues with a 64 bit system" and "get a fucking tablet that isn't 15 years old, asshole." Fuck you in the ear, Wacom. I've tried like 5 different things, including registry hacks, one single third party driver that I've found, and even trying to run the damn thing on the virtual machine. FFFFFFFFFFF. I don't want a new tablet because the one I have is a 12x12 and I tried drawing on Scone's shitass tiny babytablet last night, which was basically like drawing on a fucking marmalade baby's face, if the baby was also magnetized and caused all my strokes to make perfectly straight lines. DLFKSJDFLSDKFSLDKfSDf SO PISSED OFF.

Basically, 1) if anyone has any suggestions I would like to hear them, or 2) does anyone want an AWESOME WONDERFUL GINORMOUS serial port tablet that only operates on 32 bit systems and/or up to Windows XP (also possibly Macs because they have a 3rd party driver that actually works, fuckers).
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Edmund Pevensie is a badass


Man. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I hate the social media revolution. Fuck facebooks. Fuck tweets. I am old and crotchety and want my blogging circles to stay exactly like they were in 2001 when people didn't make status updates to inform their friends about how they ate lunch an hour late today. Apparently - according to my coworkers - nobody uses AIM anymore. Nobody. Supposedly every single person I know is part of some Jurassic Park-like island of outdated messaging, while every other human in the world is using The Googles and Pidgin and facebook client and shit. And obviously nobody goes out of their way to install the '98/2000/NT client on a Windows 7 box because that was the best one, guys, come on, you know what I'm talking about.


I feel that this is going to be a fundamental problem, what with me working in the computer industry and all.

Regardless, I am a jackass and a hypocrite now since I am apparently on Facebook more than I am on this thing. WHATEVER. I do what I want! Things that have been happening:

*Anime Boston is coming up in late April. Same offer of a place to stay to folks coming into town applies. It's somewhat out of the way, but still accessible by public transit.

*AB costumes will be Vinland Saga some day... South Park Coon and Friends some day. A-Chan the rest of the time. Unfortunately I have no idea what day people want to do what, so let me know.

*If I put all the South Park sketches I've been drawing over the past few months into a little pile, it will be about 3/4" high. This is a real thing. I cannot even. :| And yet I still cannot be assed to color anything for more than 30 minutes.

*I've been neglecting WoW pretty badly because apparently all I do anymore is sew and draw stupid SP art. I feel bad because I'm an officer and previously a raid leader, but I guess that's what happens when Icecrown Citadel is the most frustrating thing in the universe. I guess I'm 85 now? Or something? Whatevah.
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Hamlet is a whineyface

Why do I do this shit

Yet another ridiculous entry brought to you, by me.

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In less terminally-stupid news, I am in Charleston for a week and that means doodle time again. Request your doodles, and I will draw them!
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Edmund Pevensie is a badass

Dragon*Con and Steampunk Zombie Hunters Photoshoot

Dragon*Con! Happened! There was stuff! We were in the reg line for three hours! Stan Lee is a pretty funny dude! Dan is the winner of the Shelfboob aka Flapjack aka Find the Worst Use Of Bewb contest! We got to say hi to Matt, Kat, and Daisy! Oh also there was a little bit of costuming. Just a tiny bit:

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Many more pictures located at my LJ gallery, for those who can't view Hope's facebook account.

In what is apparently new Dragoncon tradition, we are already discussing next year's cosplay. Narnia, plz, hello!
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Hamlet is a whineyface

Art spam and meme

Exhibit A: This art meme thing I made here! Everyone is welcome to steal.

Below contains a lot of awful stuff: aka a character from a lot of series that I've been a fan of and have drawn from at some point in time over the past decade or so. Your mission is to pick a number and name the character and the movie/book/anime series they come from. I don't want any of that bullshit where someone goes and guesses like 4/5 of the answers (you know who you are XP), so there's a limit of 5 correct answers per person for today. Tomorrow, have at it. Also, bonus points and maybe congratulatory doodle for guessing 5, 9, 11, or 12 because those are harder.

Click for bigger

{Answer Key}
1: Washu / Tenchi Muyo .... 2: Toph / A:tlA
3: Duo Maxwell / Gundam Wing .... 4: Numbuh Four / KND
5: Horatio / Hamlet .... 6: Ford Prefect / HHGG
7: Nami / One Piece .... 8: Edward Elric / FMA
9: Sirius Black / HP .... 10: Gaz / Invader ZIM
11: Edmund Pevensie / Narnia Chronicles .... 12: Android 18 / DBZ
13: Kurogane / Tsubasa: RC .... 14: Devi / JTHM and I Feel Sick

Plus some art from when Nella was visiting.

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Also, the drawings for all the art requests last week are in this entry in case you missed them.
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