June 23rd, 2011

Edmund Pevensie is a badass


Dragoncon is in like two months.

I say that with a sort of "OOHHH NOOOOOOOOOO" because that is what that sentence basically translates into. Literally. As in, the immovable definition that would be in the dictionary if Merriam Webster ever decided to spand outward from single words. "Dragoncon is in like two months OOOOH NOOOOOOOO" and also sometimes with a "we are so fucked!!!" tacked onto the end because this is ALWAYS TRUE and will always be true until the end of time. Dragoncon is in like two months OH NO we are so fucked.

Why? Why are you even asking me that, it is the same reason as always: I have like 230492384 fucking costume pieces to make. Friiiigggg.

Shockingly, amazingly, the most difficult of these - the wool White Witch outfit from the first Narnia movie - is almost done because I had a FLASH OF BRILLIANCE back in the fall and actually started working on the thing. This is me, being amazingly shocked at myself. This is the progress so far, except I still have the wig and wand and finishing the dress to do obviously, in addition to the entire Artemis outfit I am yet to start on and then Dan's and maybe Matt's. Frigggg. For some reason when Anime Boston came along, in March I said "You know, I can take a break. I deserve it! I'm gonna spend, like, all of my time doing South Park RP this'll be awesome. There can't possibly be any problem with this." Frigggg. Again.

(Also as an aside, if anyone needs room, I am 99% sure we have space. Just let me know soon.)