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Dragoncon rooming for the population at large has apparently gone from pretty bad to complete and total clusterfuck. The "I need a room; everything has been sold out months earlier than it normally does" list on dragonconrooms has been unusually long, but now the Baymont and Wyndham have decided to cancel all confirmed bookings as of August 15th. This includes our second room that I've had since January. Word on the street is that the hotels are going to be used as university overflow housing, but really???! It is extremely unlikely that we will be able to find another room, but we do have original Hilton 2 bed. It's doable but with 7-8 people it's going to be tight. Officially though we can't take anyone else on, so hope everyone else has booked elsewhere.

Dr Girlfriend and Hunter Venture Bros costumes are done for Portcon this week. The practice pics are so ridiculously lulzy. Adding Nella as Molotov is just going to be too much.

Dr Girlfriend

Who here has been to Portland and the surrounding area? Any good areas for wandering around/picnicking/etc?

Other news: Dawn Treader trailer is out. Reepicheep is not being played by Eddie Izzard. BUT new!Reepacheep is being played by Bill Nighy. I AM VERY CONFLICTED AND CONFUSED. FUUUUU.

Additional thoughts: Caspian needs to shave his goddamn uglyass jawbeard. I cannot even take him seriously. I am enjoying creepy Jadis a little too much. Eustace needs more trailertime, if only to force me to keep drawing hilarious Eustace faces all over everything.
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Doctor Who - Sarah Jane and Four

Anime Boston cosplay

It's time for convention pictures! I only have like two ball pics unfortunately, because I am an idiot. However, there's some Young Avengers and A-Chan pics below.

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I think we'll probably be heading to Portcon in June as a fun little con / excuse to mess around in Maine for the weekend. We've also been hankering to do some easy Venture Bros costumes for a while, so certain things like these will probably be made.
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Hitchhikers - Do Panic

And now some Hitchhikers fandom

Anime Boston was last week! I saw some cool people, did some cool things, and acted like a general doofus on a bigass stage. Pictures are forthcoming, so I'll make a post of it soon. But in the meantime.... in between time... I have a Very Hitchhikers Guide post.

So. In my house is a little book called ...And Another Thing. Someone recently asked me what I thought about it, and with all the HHGG folks I have on my friends list, I figured I'd write a (traditionally late) review. For those who don't know, a while back the Adams estate tapped Eion Colfer to write a sanctioned sequel to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. As a result, everyone flipped their collective shit. But the fact remains that it's done, it's written, and there's nothing you can do about it. And so I read it.

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Even if you hated the book, here is a good thing that has come out of it. Have some new HHGG doodles.

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Doctor Who - Omg Jack


This post is only funny for those who know of my bad juju history with Anime Boston. Thing that made was for yesterday's video shoot, after the former staff member announced exactly a week ago that she had to leave:

Gratuitous liberties with that skirt have been taken. So if you're looking for me at con, I'll likely be in this on Friday and Sunday, and Wiccan for most of Saturday. Are you New York folks coming down this year again? ^^
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Avatar - United

AB rooming

Almost forgot - does anyone need to stay with us for Anime Boston? Same deal as last time with the spare room; but this time there is central a/c and a view of the river mwahaha.
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Sewing hodgepodge

So in a fit of sheer ridiculousness, during the last month I have acquired TWO new sewing machines. Bringing the total number that live in our house up to five. And they are all named after robots.

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Otilia is a 1960s Kenmore that will be used to sew the zombiehunter leather masks and any other really thick fabric I come across. Vision is a Bernina serger that I snapped off of craigslist for 50 bucks yesterday. Exciting!

Speaking of leather, Scone and I took a day trip to the Tandy Leather Factory, which was a surprisingly interesting place. Quote scone, half the store is for cowboys... half the store is for nerds who want a giant leather dragon buckle for their larp costume. Not one but TWO of the female employees who helped us pick out stuff told us all about the leatherwork that they had done for their own steampunk costumes. What what in the what. We dropped a hefty chunk of change to get all the leather/stud things, which ended up being cheaper after buying their club discount. So yeah, if anyone needs to buy leather stuff this year and wants a free 20% or so discount, let me know.

We've got all the leather and leather dye for the masks now, so before we head down for Carrie's baby shower I'm going to try and color some samples for everyone. So remind me to hand these little bits off next time I see you all, or in the case like of people like Emily who are out of town, mailing.

Random: costumes for Anime Boston will be Young Avengers! Wooooooz. Let's see if I can sew vinyl any better than I did back in 2003.
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Elmo is sad

Art spam

A couple weeks ago was our bi-annual Go To New York, Visit Nella, and Do Awful Things trip. Things happened - mostly of the WoW variety. Some drawing happened too! And so it's art dump time.

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Completely unrelated: The RSC Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart is en route to my house. OM NOM NOM.
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Hitchhikers - Do Panic

Moar zombie hunters

It's time for part two of zombie hunters! This is probably only really relevant to the people actually participating in the costume group, but we need to start working out color combos and stuff. Also, how many masks to make, etc etc.

Color-wise, everyone can really pick their own stuff. The only exception is that it has to match your mask. In general though, everyone should be in generally muted tones; stuff that's either darker or browner or just less bright in general. IE, no big bold colors or pastels (instead of bright read, go with crimson; instead of white, do ivory, etc etc). This way everyone can do their own thing, but the group won't look disjointed. Everyone will also have a similar mask, and while you don't have to have brown per say, so it goes without saying that if you match that in some way, you'll match each other. Besides, brown seems to be the staple of steampunk anyway.

Maggie, for the zombies, but stick with the above idea in terms of darks or muted colors (ie whatever you like, just no bright colors). No need to match the hunters though. For instance, I want to do a teal/grey/dark blue sort of thing. Though we both need some high leather-esque colors though (as we're "tamed" zombies), and some sort of headgear to prevent biting (less important than the collar, since that's easier).

For masks, I am having an ass of a time finding pre-dyed veg-tanned leather, so my suspicion is that I will need to dye this myself, unless someone is able to point me in the right direction. The alternative is that we use chrome-dyed, which comes in a lot of colors, but we won't be able to harden the leather, so the mask will be more floppy and less stiff. Eh. What are your thoughts?

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Edit: ALSO IMPORTANT. Who needs leather/tooled leather for their corsets?

PS for the curious, the "lie" for the previous poll was "I've had two pieces of art published to Tokyopop's manga anthology." I am tricksy.
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First thing's first - I love this new icon

Just to reaffirm how completely lolzy the place I work is, last week was our annual sales meeting, which this year turned into the first Paytronix Olympics. Which involved a lot of competitiveness, trash talking, and more lolz. Oh look, here is me riding a tiny bicycle around the office. (Which apparently I'm pretty good at? Second fastest time, despite the fact that I actually fell over last time I rode a normal-sized bike) Also please to be finding the official "Pidget" team flag that I made, which soundly kicked the crap out of the other team flags – although a couple of them did make some sweet team t-shirts.

Our team won, so I’ve now got a trophy on my desk. I am also a lying biotch and tricked every single person in my office with my three truths and a lie.

Which one's the lie

I've had two pieces of art published to Tokyopop's manga anthology
I was in every play and musical my high school produced
I don't know how to knit
I graduated from the same high school as Steven Colbert

And now, New York for the weekend! Let me know if anyone wants to say hi.
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Elmo is sad

Art requests

Okay, dudes and dudettes, it's art prompt time again! I'm going to be in Charleston starting tomorrow for a really obscene amount of time (read: 12 days), so I need thingz to do. Gimme some art(s) you want sketched and I will draw them, in-between the 4350934 thousand Narnia pictures that have been slowly amassing over the past few weeks. For those who remember, rest assured that Eustace Scrubb still has the best faces.
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